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KindWorks, our programs and materials, are designed to support groups in communicating more clearly and confidently—especially around difficult topics. Before any workshop, we discuss the needs of your organization and adjust accordingly.



An Exploration: Identity, Culture + Learning More (90 minutes) is great for conferences. It’s designed for people interested in learning more about the concepts of identity, culture, bias, cultural humility and inquiry. In this facilitation, we aim to practice self-reflection and genuine curiosity while inspiring continued learning.


For groups or organizations looking to further staff development, meet training requirements, or energize the office, we suggest the Identity Exercise (3 - 4 hours) to practice self-reflection and broaden understanding of different identities, or the Continuum Exercise (3 - 4 hours) to expand our personal and professional perspectives and enhance connection with self and others.


The Cultural Humility Workshop (6 - 7 hours) and the Perception + Bias Awareness Workshop (6 - 7 hours) build on the half-day exercises with connection to practice and tailored application of learning to group/organizational processes and goals. Some groups choose one and some groups combine both for a two day learning experience. Both workshops explore notions of identity, culture, intersectionality, humility and competence. More time together means that we can dive deeper into topics like microaggressions and dedicate time for applying insights to actions.

The All-day Workshop with Follow-up (multiple days) is for organizations looking to make change from the inside out. It starts with the Cultural Humility Workshop and, like a “train-the-trainer,” includes scheduled follow ups. We provide tools for and work closely with a small group of staff and/or supervisors to facilitate conversations on identity and culture.


Our talk on Bias, Perception and Awareness (45-90 minutes) is great for people ranging from middle school age students and up. In this workshop, we examine perception, bias, and the practice of humility utilizing video and experiential learning.




Our mission is to create learning experiences that bring people together and we're always looking for new and exciting ways to connect people. If you want to design something new or build on what works in your organization, working together on curriculum design and policy and program review are great ways to address specific concerns and support organizational shifts.

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