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HumanKind Workshop gives people the tools to listen and be heard.


We design programs and materials to support groups in communicating more clearly and confidently—especially around difficult topics. We hope that applying the same kindness-based approach day-to-day will also lead to more authentic interactions, richer professional relationships, and a more productive environment within your organization.


The approach of HumanKind Workshop is not one-size-fits-all.


We adapt what we do and how we do it to meet the unique needs of your group. We facilitate dialogues about identity, awareness, and impact with folks ranging from state administrators to nonprofit advocates.


We apply expertise and custom training tools to help clients mindfully address specific challenges, energize group communication, and fulfill training requirements.


At in-service trainings and beyond, we empower participants to explore points of view that may be new or challenging, practice self-reflection, and generate workable action steps for ongoing development.






All HumanKind Workshop sessions include facilitated discussion, written materials, and follow-up communication. We also offer consulting support for a variety of common institutional challenges.


Ranging from introductory dialogues to multi-day programs to policy reviews, our services are designed to be a helpful foundation for larger inclusion efforts.


To make positive and lasting shifts within groups, we encourage all participants to set goals for personal growth and professional development. We cultivate cultures of humility and bias awareness, and we help our clients apply principles of kindness to achieve their goals.


We would be thrilled to assist your organization with elective in-services, structural transitions, mandated training, curriculum drafting, policy review, or conflict management.


Please explore our KindWorks below...


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